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Deni International Foods

Deni International was established in 1993 by Mario De Nicola. After twenty years of working predominantly in the food-import business, during a time when this industry was really starting to take off in Australia, Mario, who by now had a wealth of knowledge and experience under his belt, decided to branch out on his own. And so, Deni International Foods was created.

In 2003 Fabien, Mario son joined him to continue to family tradition, at this point we embarked on building a new facility in Banksmeadow, with state of the art equipment. Adjoining to this new facility a commissary kitchen was built. With this expansion it allowed Deni Foods to create Bespoke products for large corporate clients wanting scalability, efficiency and quality within there brands. This has come under the Gastronomia & Latteria Deni Brand which has expanding to high quality pre made products, this also allowed Chefs and business owners to provide their owns recipe ideas and co-create with our in house Chefs.

20 Years later we are the leaders in the hospitality industry Importing and Manufacturing high end and quality products.

We choose and source artisanal produce for, us this is rewarding experience, as it often involves selecting high-quality, handcrafted, and locally sourced goods. Part of the joy of choosing artisanal products is discovering new flavors and experiences.

Mario & Fabien is where passion, tradition, and the love of food come together.


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“Mario and Fabien collectively have such intimate generational knowledge about their products, suppliers and the food industry in general. As a chef it’s my job to give our customers the best we can and Deni has continually makes that possible for us

Chef Razmana Pizzoli

Restaurant Name

Wonderful range of Italian goodies from deli to dairy, sauces, spreads, fresh and dried pasta, etc. Order online, or wander around their Friday & Saturday marketplace. They also have a pastries cabinet out front on Fridays & Saturdays – with fruit danishes, sfogliatelle, maritozzi and cannoli. Our favourites were the danish and sfogliatelle – such fresh and crispy pastry, with light fillings that weren’t too sweet. Also, check out their pizzeria, Filante, right next door!

Sharron X

Need some Italian stuff for the kitchen and you can’t go in Italy to get it? That’s the right place! Big company that deliver a huge amount of customer in Sydney and, basically everywhere! You need just a bite? Welcome to the grocery, just there on the right side of the warehouse.


Like a secret place we discovered last week. Amazing products and super friendly staff. They have French raclette cheese for the record. Highly recommended.

Nicolas Tocu

Great products and prices, quick next morning delivery with cooling packets to keep everything fresh 👍🏼

Adam Westwood

Celebrating 30 Years Of Supplying

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